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By day, I am a full-time mom, part-time graphic designer…and by night (or late afternoon on a good day) I am totally an artist. I crank the music in my studio and jump in to the zone. On those uber creative days you'll find me bouncing between my computer, my kitchen and my studio, with my goofy dog Finny following my every move and my energetic toddler singing and dancing along with me.

"Very few things make me as happy as creating a good piece of art, with relative ease."
"My 2 year old daughter says, "Mom stop, I want to take a picture the clouds"...all the time."
"I really hate getting paint on my hands, so I wear gardening gloves." 
"My best painting days always have a very loud old-school hip hop sound-track."
"Chocolate is my creative fuel."


A little history on how I ended up as an artist...


I was always an "artistic kid". I went to art camp, and was happiest when playing sports or being crafty.

I knew from a pretty young age that I would be happy in life, as long as I had a career that allowed me to be creative. 

I went to OCAD U, and graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Design. For me, "art school" was like being a sponge in a full sink. It was a very full experience for me, and everything I learned in those 4 years about myself, working in creative industries and a toolkit full of useful skills are still surfacing 8 years later.